This scooter introduces a totally
new way to get around!
Just move your body from side to side and its innovative three-wheeled design gets
you going and keeps you moving!
People of all ages will love this scooter as it
provides a smooth and enjoyable ride never experienced before.

Speeder Scooter is a revolutionary
modification to a three wheel scooter.

The wheels at the rear end of the foot boards are made to swing freely along the plane of the floor.
Forward motion is achieved by shifting the rider's body left and right between the foot boards.

As weight forces are applied, the pressured wheels will swing in an S-shaped movement similar to a fish tail, resulting in a forward motion.
A wide range of scooter motion can be performed by twisting body and waist in

combination with arm and leg motions.

The handle bars are adjustable
down for little kids and up for adults
and it has a front hand brake to slow you down. 

Speeder Scooter is easy to learn and can be used
for transportation, entertainment
and fitness purposes.
The Speeder is easily foldable, just unscrew the
bolts near the front wheel to collapse the scooter.

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